An Assessment Session
Takes place in the initial session in which individual and couples needs can be identified and where a focus for the work is established. In some instances a referral to a more appropriate source may be more beneficial.

Counselling Sessions
Ideally take place weekly and are 50 minutes in duration.
Information disclosed is held in confidence. Acceptions to this rule are explained further in initial session. 
A regular time and day are vital and can be negotiated. Day/Eve offered. 9am - 9pm.

Short Term Work
Counselling is offered for couples and individuals wishing to focus on specific issue/s within a limited time frame. There are limitations to this way of working.

Long Term Work
Sessions are available to those wishing to work on a deeper level over a longer time frame. Reflecting on past experiences features in this work.

Are important and usually happen when a client/couple feels they have made enough progress in the work. This could be as simple as developing new coping mechanisms, insight or that sufficient healing has taken place which enables a more positive outlook for the future.

fees from £60 per session   -   Couples fees from £80 per session
Concessionary rates become available from time to time for those on low incomes, please inquire.
Annual fees subject to review.

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