How I work includes an understanding of how human suffering is created - and transformed.

My intention is to help you:

Discover what's causing your present suffering
Develop awareness of how you may be unconscously creating additional pain Support you in cultivating ways that relieve, and prevent the repetition of your suffering.

Developing awareness of how you respond to your difficult thoughts, feelings and situations is a key feature in the way i work.
Reflecting on your past experiences is likely during this process.

At a pace that works for you, I will engage you in a dialogue where you can tell me in your own words, whats causing your suffering, and what it is exactly you feel needs to change.

At all times I will listen empathically and offer you a kindly, confidential and hopeful relationship were you can bring all of yourself without judgement.

Together we will explore alternative more skillful choices available to you, choices that promote greater wellbeing, and support you in bringing about the changes you are seeking.

To compliment this change process I offer mindfulness practices. These practical, imaginative and creative insights promote emotional integration and unification.
Whether in the home, work or supermarket these experiencial practices are proven in transforming difficult mental and emotional experience.

My talking therapy and mindfulness approach offers a gateway to the discovery of a more authentic you, a more integrated you, more at peace with yourself, others and the world.

My service is available to individuals and couples seeking professional help to move beyond their difficulties.

Couples in conflict and betrayals, Depression, Anxiety disorders, Low moods, Stress, Employment issues, Addiction cycles and relapse, Loneliness and isolation, Anger, Survivors of sexual abuse/violence, Domestic violence, HIV issues, Gender identity, Perfectionism and more...

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