How I Work

I integrate talking therapy and mindfulness practices.

How I work includes the understanding that unhelpful thoughts patterns can have a powerful effect on us. They shape our emotional states, behaviours and moods.

By becoming more familiar with our habitual, automatic and unhelpful thinking patterns we can change the processes that lead us into downward spirals of low mood and anxiety, or the repeating conflict in our personal and professional relationships.

My intention as a therapist:

To engage you in a dialogue were you can tell me in your own words, what it is exactly you feel needs to change, and what those changes might look like.

At a pace that's right for you, I will help you develop perspective on your habitual, automatic and unhelpful behaviours. This provides a greater sense of clarity and manageability.

I'll support you in developiing alternative, more skilful stratergies that can free you from the tyranny of the old, familiar and automatic paterrns. With greater freedom you are more likely to successfully realise the changes your seeking.

I'll encourage you to turn towards difficult experience, people and situations with acceptance and compassion, and, in a non-judgemental way.  Acceptance does not mean becoming a door mat or accepting abuse. Your values, dignity and integrity are maintained.

Reflecting back on relationships from your past is also likely in the counselling process. This is helpful in Identifying historical emotional wounds, and how they may be unconsciously repeating in the present and causing problematic relations today.

At all times I will listen empathically and offer you a kindly, confidential and hopeful relationship were you can bring all of yourself without judgement.

To compliment the talking therapy I integrate mindfulness practices. These practices and imaginative coping stratergies help to create 'a gap' (known as the gap to freedom) from the cycles of automatic and reactive behaviours such as 'clinging' and 'aversion' - to more creative responses that produce liberation and release.


Couples in conflict and betrayals. Depression. Anxiety disorders. Low moods. Anger and rage. Loneliness. Cultural issues. Survivors of sexual abuse. Employment issues. Self harm. Bereavement and loss. Sexual identity. Shame and guilt. LGBTQ issues. Addiction cycles, HIV and more....

The counselling service I provide is available to adults and young persons, individuals and couples from any background.

( All disclosures are confidential and subject to acceptions which are explained in the initial assessment session. All data is kept in accordance with GDPR regulation)

My clients inform me I have significant awareness of cultural diversity and ethnicity.