Fees & Sessions

(I offer a free 15min consultation)

Assessments -

Take place in the initial session in which individual and couple needs are identified and a focus for the work is established. In some instances a referral to a more appropriate source may be more beneficial.

Counselling Sessions - In Person, Online or Walk 'n' talk in Victoria Park

Ideally take place weekly and are 5o minutes in duration. Information disclosed is held in confidence. Acceptions to this rule are further explained in the assessment session. I offer early morning, day time and eve appointments on request.

Short Term Work/solution focused

Usually 6 to 10 sessions with a specific focus for the work.

Open ended/rolling

Anythihng from 6 weeks, 6 months to 2 years duration.


Agreed endings are important. They usually take place when a client/couple feel they have made enough progress. This could be as simple as developing new coping mechanisms or gaining a bighter more positive outlook for the future.


I work with a sliding scale model to enable all beings to afford the help they need.  Feel free to inquire.




9am to 9pm
                       Monday to Sat


In Person, Zoom or Victoria Park London