Client Testimonials

Dougie was able to offer me caring and compassionate support through some personal problems and at a time that I felt in crisis.  He also helped me realise that my  negative thinking patterns were actually adding to my hurt. He showed me that through embracing rather that fighting uncomfortable feelings, I  could move beyond them, towards a more peaceful & balanced existence.


During our work together Dougie guided me to see things from a different perspective and challenged old ways of thinking I had become accustomed to. He guided me to find my own answers. I left the work feeling more hopefull and relieved that I did not have to be at the mercy of my old unhelpful habits


Dougie provided a space were we could both listen to each other and understand more clearly the processes that caused our conflict. It's been liberating to understand that we were replaying emotional wounds from our past and that we actually have a choice not to. Learning that we can start over, again and again until we get it right brings hope for our future, to be different, happpier and closer.